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As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, its potential to reshape the business landscape for the financial services industry and their corporate clients grows exponentially. This evolutionary process has created new technology based opportunities for many progressive companies in the financial services industry. These companies can now “connect” with their corporate clients in ways that never seemed possible a short while ago to provide them with significant business advantages over their less sophisticated competitors by providing value added IT services to their clients.

Since our formation in 1980, Yojna has provided the IT software products and services that have enabled many top financial institutions, as well as Fortune 1000 companies, to provide the value added IT services. We understand the needs of the financial services provider, as well as the needs of the commercial client. That has allowed us to develop specific, high value software application systems that are in use today by some of the largest U.S. banks. And many of these application systems are cited as being "best in class" by industry pundits.

We believe that the high quality of our financial software applications is due to Yojna's software engineering philosophy, which has incorporated the depth of our experience gained by serving our financial service clients for over three decades.

Our development teams in the U.S. and India are highly skilled software engineers that understand the business needs of our clients. This understanding is reflected in our products, making them easy to use, requiring minimum maintenance, with support for in place upgrades. We also understand that all of our financial software applications need to be scalable so that our clients can continue to grow without being concerned about limits to capability and capacity expansion.

We also believe that our longevity and presence in the marketplace has been supported through the development of highly specialized products, the satisfaction of our clients in the financial industry, and their corporate clients.

What does the future hold? Our product development and engineering staffs are actively engaged in research and development to assess our next steps in the areas of fraud mitigation, automation of business processes such as the processing of legal orders, reduction of media distribution costs, and integration of data supplied by the financial institutions with the data generated by systems in use by their corporate clients.

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Our Clients

At Yojna, Inc., we provide best-of-breed technology products and services to financial institutions and Fortune 1000 companies.

We strategically support our client’s missions to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing waste and enhancing customer and shareholder value.

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