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ACCORD Platform

The new ACCORD Product Platform provides a robust and versatile environment to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy new applications that leverage a common infrastructure that can evolve over time.

The platform infrastructure provides services and features that can be shared by diverse applications and managed centrally or in a distributed fashion.

The ACCORD® Product Platform includes the following components:

  • Yojna Portal
    ACCORD® Yojna Portal allows a single sign-on facility to users of multiple ACCORD® applications
  • User Management
    ACCORD User Management allows centralized definition and maintenance of ACCORD® application users and user profiles across applications
  • Scheduler
    ACCORD® Scheduler allows central scheduling of background worker programs across applications
  • Alerts Management
    ACCORD® Alerts Management allows  centralized delivery and management of alerts generated across applications
  • Operations Management
    ACCORD® Operations Management provides a centralized view of operations of all ACCORD® applications and components with ability to monitor daily activity and detect abnormal conditions occurring across applications
  • Predictive Analytics Support
    ACCORD® Predictive Analytics Support provides Predictive Analysis and Reporting services for an ACCORD application that can benefit from Machine Learning.

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