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ACCORD Card Conversion Plus

User Friendly, Efficient, Effective, Versatile Platform

Operators in the Commercial Card area especially the financial institutions that use multiple channels to promote virtual card as the mode of payment have a challenge of integrating the results from various agencies as well as its in-house effort to get effective control over the process.

The ACCORD Card Conversion Plus is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Enhance Management of Card Conversion Campaigns
  • Simplify and Standardize Campaign Management Functions
  • Provide Data and Insights on Current Campaigns
  • Enhance the Capability to Plan Future Campaigns
  • Improve Customer Communications

The ACCORD Card Conversion Plus provides a platform that is versatile enough to support the varying needs of a financial institution by offering a collection of features and options that can be mixed and matched to best suit its requirements.

The platform supports the following salient features/options and more:

  • Import Campaigns from existing Campaign Files
  • Letter Generation and Review
  • Call Management
  • Export Campaign Data (Supplier Outreach) to External Agencies
  • Import Campaign Results (Supplier Outreach) from External Agencies
  • Workflow Management Dashboards
  • Rich Campaign Reporting / Analysis
  • Global Supplier Database

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