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ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus

Advance your Supplier Enablement Strategy and Operations with a Complete End-to-End Solution

ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus encompasses a feature-rich product suite that provides the following application modules to Financial Institutions seeking to enable customers’ suppliers’ payments via card offerings in lieu of other traditional payment options:

  • Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Realization
  • Digital Outreach
  • Supplier Enrollment – Online Portal
  • Automated Reporting
  • SmartInsight Reporting
  • CC+ File Mapper

The heart of the ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus Product Family is the accumulative, centralized database that continuously expands based on data enrichment activity and supplier intelligence gathered during Supplier touch points over time. The single, centralized database supports all the modules of the ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus Product Family. ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus Product Family. ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus employs Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning) to support forecasting and, the identification of high-potential supplier targets, with increasing precision and enhanced results over time.

The ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus Solution supports a Financial Institution’s efforts to:

  1. Streamline importing, mapping, and codifying clients’ supplier AP file records.
  2. Enrich the quality of client-sourced supplier data through network matching, your own procurement system match, other in-house or third-party data enrichment matching, including, Supplier Name matching through a third-party service provider that specializes in this areas to enhance contact rates and the overall effectiveness of the Solution.
  3. Plan supplier enablement campaigns through an intuitive, self-directed workflow.
  4. Utilize any available supplier criteria (# of transactions, annual spend, match status, current payment method, previous campaign results) to automatically select and enroll the optimal set of suppliers for any given campaign.
  5. Contact by email and encourage self-service card offer acceptance from Suppliers targeted for campaign outreach in advance of and throughout the course of a planned campaign. The Solution directs Suppliers targeted for outreach to review the offer from the Customer in exchange for agreeing to receive card payments through an online portal that can facilitate their acceptance or communication of revised offer terms in exchange for their acceptance.
  6. Equip in-house supplier enablement teams through scripting and offer details, and/or third-party teams to effectively deploy campaigns.
  7. Optimize check-to-card, check-to-ACH, and ACH-to-card campaigns.
  8. Direct suppliers’ communication of alternate/preferred payment method (routing transit / account number for ACH or e-mail address for RTP) to clients to facilitate the change.
  9. Accumulate actionable supplier intelligence gathered through supplier touch points over time. This data can be leveraged to support campaigns focused on Card or other initiatives as appropriate to address the strategic objectives of the Issuing Bank.
  10. Deploy predictive analytics (machine learning) to score suppliers and to forecast and identify high potential supplier targets for current and future campaigns.
  11. Standardize forecasting, planning, tracking, and compliance as well as automated, ad-hoc, and realization reporting across campaigns.
  12. Accelerate commercial card / virtual card acceptance, spend, and revenues.
  13. Leverage the platform and the database to launch and manage other strategic initiative-focused campaigns targeting customers and customer suppliers to achieve the strategic objectives of the Issuing Bank.

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