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It’s no secret that to be competitive in today’s difficult business environment, you not only need the right information, you need to gather it faster and use it more efficiently than ever before. Green initiatives that eliminate paper and waste are also paramount.

ACCORD® EntityNet from Yojna, Inc. is an “all transactions archive” solution that can play a key role in helping you accomplish these objectives. EntityNet creates a powerful digital environment that helps eliminate paper and manual tasks by providing intelligent, analytic access to both financial and non-financial information from the bank and business-specific data from any internal and external sources.

The result is a tool that helps drive productivity, enhanced cash flow and better customer relationships.

Bringing Banking and Business Operations Data Together

ACCORD® EntityNet brings all of your company's valuable data together in one, simple, electronic place. Now, data and images from your bank are intelligently related visually to information generated inside your company. Accounting and shipping data. Purchase orders. Contracts. Inventory. Email. Even video and audio files.

EntityNet structures and interconnects unstructured data, putting everything needed just a mouse-click away.

It accelerates, organizes and prioritizes. It eliminates lost records and ends mindless searches. It allows your company to grow faster and with a whole lot less pain.

By eliminating a significant of amount of paper from processes, EntityNet even catalyzes successful green initiatives that may have been impossible to launch before.

Product Overview

The many benefits of EntityNet to your organization become clear very quickly. Manual tasks that slow research and customer service responses virtually disappear. Prioritization of issues becomes faster, clearer. Costs are reduced. Receivables reduced. And management awareness and control are dramatically increased.

EntityNet will help your company finally get a handle on the myriad of data you deal with every day.

Accelerates Account Reconciliation

  • Automatically matches incoming payments with issues
  • Identifies exceptions
  • Helps correct data entry errors and match hanging payments

Management Tools

  • Excel Connector for advanced business analytics
  • Audit trail/compliance reports
  • Supports role-based security

Cost Savings

  • Pre-packaged cost-effective platform for rapid deployment
  • Utilizes standard Microsoft server and integrates with Office products such as Excel and Outlook
  • Eliminates the labor costs associated with collecting and reviewing data and supporting documents
  • Reduces training costs
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates the costs related to duplicating, faxing, and archiving paper documents
  • Facilitates rapid resolution of disputes

Supports "Green" Initiatives

  • Reduces carbon footprint by reducing use of paper, copiers, printers, toner, etc.
  • Supports organizational objectives to move toward increased use of electronic documents
  • Provides a “long term” digital archive
  • Supports telecommuting

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Provides 360-degree view of customer relationships for all transactions, supporting documents, and communications
  • Provides instant access to all customer related documents, emails, voice mails, and digital photos, for fast issue resolution

Speeds Account Payables

  • Provides flexible workflow for invoice approvals
  • Supports manual as well as automated approval assignment
  • Provides checklists and audit trails
  • Identifies overdue invoices

Enhances Account Receivables

  • Automatically reconciles bank data and images with receivables data
  • Automatically identifies exceptions and overdue invoices
  • Provides instant access to scanned data (invoices, packing slips, shipping docs, correspondence)
  • Helps resolve mismatches, reducing DSO (day sales outstanding)

Organization 360

  • Gives a 360-degree view of customer relationships
  • Provides instant access to digital content related to the customer or vendor
  • Provides a “long term” electronic archive
  • Enhances customer service

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