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ACCORD File Mapper

The File Mapper software solution is a browser-based application that is accessed primarily by Bank Operations Personnel (Operators) to define the field-level mapping configurations for each planned import and export from and to the commercial customer.

Once the field mapping configurations are completed and verified, the Operator will submit the configuration to an Operations supervisor for approval to implement in Production. Upon receipt of the configuration approval, the configuration is marked for Production Use through and by the File Mapper Software Solution.

The File Mapper software solution supports visibility to the translated file formats during and after configuration to support verification of the configuration. In addition, the application supports visibility to the imported and converted bank and customer data files, as needed by Operations to support monitoring, auditing and trouble-shooting requirements, as needed.

Solution Benefits

  • Marked reduction in timeframes to onboard a Treasury Services Customer
  • Improved consistency and control over the File Transformation Process through application supported workflow and auditing functionality
  • Simplified transformation of both file imports and exports from/to the commercial customer to support the provisioning of revenue generating Treasury Services
  • Improved customer satisfaction and increased Treasury Services revenue potential through the ability to seamlessly and expeditiously accommodate customer integration requirements
  • Prepackaged Industry Standard formats
  • Scheduled and unattended operation
  • Comprehensive operational audit
  • Role-based access

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