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Financial Data Delivery

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If you are like most banks, providing customers with transaction data and the associated images involves relying on systems supplied by a collection of vendors. One that processes checks. Another for lockbox items. Other vendors’ systems may handle reports, letters of credit documents, and so on. This creates operational inefficiencies, including the need to support multiple customer profile management systems and incur support and upgrade costs related to the multiple viewers and other components on an ongoing basis.

It also means that the delivery of this information to your customers arrives on electronic media in different formats, using different viewers and different encryption schemes. The use of multiple viewers and multiple encryption management systems detracts from the user experience because customers have to contend with many different methods to access the delivered data with inconsistent user interfaces.

The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite

The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite is a comprehensive collection of solution modules designed to enable financial institutions to manage and optimize their entire content delivery operation. The combined solution enables the delivery of a complete spectrum of balance, transaction data and images to your customers with a common viewer and encryption management system using a comprehensive set of distribution channels to address the unique requirements of each customer seamlessly. The content to be distributed can be part of an ongoing fulfillment of an image and data delivery treasury service subscription or can be virtually any data and documents (both structured and unstructured) requested or required on an ad-hoc basis by the customer. The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite offers six distinct and highly flexible solution modules that allow your bank to tailor its content delivery operation to match the size, transaction volume, treasury service preferences and ad-hoc requirements of your customers. The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite supports CD/DVD, Transmission, Internet “Push”, Viewer “Pull” and Email delivery of a Secure Link to the content.

System Components

Learn about the individual components of Yojna’s Financial Data Delivery Product Suite:

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