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ACCORD® FinancialNet effectively integrates both retail and commercial applications into one Internet Platform. It not only provides a single point of entry for Internet clients, but also comes with a broad spectrum of features, which enhance a financial institution’s traditional Personal Banking and Cash Management product array. Most importantly, Yojna has developed key strategic options, which are easily integrated with the standard product, for example, Lockbox Image Inquiry, Lockbox Exceptions, ARP/Positive Pay, e-Statements & Reports, and many others. These options, when combined with ACCORD® FinancialNet’s standard features, create a robust Internet Banking Platform which can easily differentiate a financial institution in its marketplace, thereby creating that all important competitive edge.

A Robust Internet Banking Platform

Imaging is our stock and trade, so our clients can easily choose to make ACCORD® FinancialNet image enabled. Whether all of your items are in one repository or several, one format or many, we can easily access all of them wherever they are and make it look completely seamless to your clients. The available inquiries include Paid Items, Deposited Items, and Lockbox Items – Wholesale and Retail. Also available is the Integrated Image Option, which hyperlinks the key reference number to the image of the item. This creates a convenience for the client by eliminating the need to go to a separate inquiry screen and enter search criteria to find the item.

An essential standard feature of ACCORD® FinancialNet is its User Profile Management System. A financial institution not only defines clients as valid users of the system, but also the combination of applications and accounts the client can access. Additionally, commercial clients control creating and maintaining users; thereby reducing the financial institutions overhead and risk. Very few other products in the marketplace allow the assignment of functions by account for every user.

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