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Legal Order Express (LOX)

The Next Evolutionary Step in Legal Order Processing

Let’s face it, the process of delivering on subpoenas and other forms of legal orders is one of the most arduous and notoriously inefficient aspects of banking and other financial services institutions. It’s expensive, time consuming and labor intensive. It’s bound by scores of onerous regulations and compliance requirements. And in this day and age of conservation and social awareness, printing, sorting, delivering and storing tens of millions of pages of documents each year is anything but “green.”

That’s why Yojna’s ACCORD® Legal Order Express is such an important quantum leap in legal order processing and delivery.

Eliminate The Need For Paper Delivery

Legal Order Express is a secure, fast and cost-effective legal order processing solution that eliminates paper delivery. It changes the traditional legal order delivery paradigm. It electronically collects and validates images, documents and data required to comply with legal orders sent to banks and other financial institutions. Instead of delivering the results of these searches on hundreds or thousands of pieces of paper, they packaged-up, encrypted and delivered on a single or small series of compact discs or DVDs complete with its own “On Board” Viewer that requires no software to be installed on the receiver’s workstation.

ACCORD® Legal Order Express is an end-to-end processing and delivery solution that sets a completely new standard for the efficient processing and fulfillment of legal orders and subpoenas.

Product Overview

Legal Order Express is a robust software package with a wide range of capabilities:

  • Comprehensive pre-packaged solution with a wide variety of options to meet your needs
  • Eliminates paper delivery of all items ordered in response to legal orders via secure encrypted CD/DVD Media with built-in index and viewer
  • Creates and manage responses to legal orders
  • Provides connectivity to core systems, archives, e-mail servers and repositories for the retrieval and capture of images, documents, reports, email and other application data into a single electronic folder
  • Eliminates “black marker redaction” with secure, electronic redaction
  • Supports checklists appropriate to the type of legal order to ensure completeness, compliance and accuracy
  • Has roles and location based security and rules-based functionality with user driven tasks, folder management and quality assurance capabilities
  • Supports the automated generation of correspondence at various stages of the processing of legal orders
  • Supports billing and reporting
  • Provides exports to ECM and records management systems for long term storage and management
  • Has scalable architecture which supports centralized and “secured location” distributed production requirements
  • Integrates with Microsoft products, such as Excel and Outlook

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