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ACCORD® Proforma Management

ACCORD® Proforma Management Software Solution is a browser-based application that is accessed by Treasury Account Managers and/or their support personnel who follow the steps in the process. The Software Solution supports the required workflow to accomplish the desired result, an approved Proforma, ready for implementation through the existing Account Analysis Process at the Bank. 

Solution Features:

  • Dashboards providing easy visibility to assigned tasks that are currently pending or require action.  
  • Workflow to support the exchange of Proposal Data between the Treasury Management stakeholders.
  • Supports the Creation of New Proforma using XAA Configuration Data
  • Import Existing Proformas to support expansion of the existing relationship.
  • Generate Client Proposals
  • Maintain history of Proformas (intermediate/final) with result (accepted/rejected)
  • Email Alerts to communicate Action Required/Delays etc. 
  • Reports to provide Insights into proposed and/or approved Proforma

Solution Integration Options:

  • Import XAA Billing Configuration from the Bank
  • Export Approved Proforma to facilitate Implementation within the Bank

Solution Benefits:

  • Increased Product, Service, Feature Revenue through the ability to evaluate proposals using solution supported “What If” analysis with visibility to Bank Realization and Profitability.
  • Improved control over the Proforma Development and Management Process through application supported workflow and auditing.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by automating routine and sometimes tedious tasks.
  • Improved and consistent customer/prospect communications.
  • Access to Proforma/Proposal history with outcomes for comparison.

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