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ACCORD® SmartExchange is a platform that enables secure, media-less delivery using "Push" technology to client workstations via the Internet, virtually eliminating the need for traditional production and shipping of periodic customer content using electronic media.

ACCORD® SmartExchange is designed to eliminate the significant costs associated with electronic media-based content distribution. It also adds important new advantages, including but not limited to:

  • Immediate client access to digital content when it becomes available, including access to intra-cycle images
  • Automated content registration in the ImageView Viewer;
  • Two-way exchange of customer data to support processes such as ARP, Positive Pay Decisioning, receipt of ACH and Wire batches and much more.

Product Overview

ACCORD® SmartExchange is designed to work in tandem with the entire Yojna family of content collection and publishing products, including:

  • Financial Data Delivery
  • OneView Encryption


ACCORD® SmartExchange is a modular and scalable distribution channel platform that uses industry standard components to create a robust content delivery and collection infrastructure. The solution consists of components installed at the main host site and corresponding components installed on the end-user’s PC.

SmartExchange is designed to operate in a totally automated manner–significantly increasing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness while serving your customers.

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