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ACCORD® SmartFile Transfer

The ACCORD® SmartFile Transfer distribution channel is designed to operate in a very automated manner from the Bank’s Perspective. Files targeted to be delivered to the Commercial Customer can be copied to the Solution’s landing zone as soon as the files becomes available. This will alert the Customer that a file is available from the Bank (through a File Availability Email generated by the Solution and sent to the Customer). The Customer will sign on and download the file for further handling.

For Files to be sent to the Bank from the Customer, the Customer will sign on and upload the file to the Bank as soon as it is ready to be sent. Based on the employed File Naming Conventions for different types of uploads from the Customer, the SmartFile Transfer Solution will receive the file and send it to the targeted Bank Treasury Service Operation landing zone for processing.

Optionally, SmartFile Transfer can be deployed with ACCORD OneView Encryption which will encrypt the files targeted to be sent by the Bank to the Customer at a file-level using an AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.  The encrypted file would be packaged with the Ad-Hoc Decryptor Application through which the Customer will enter the Encryption Key provided by the Bank to decrypt the content.

The SmartFile Transfer distribution channel option utilizes a modular and scalable platform using industry standard components to create a robust content delivery infrastructure.

Solution Features:

Provides easy access to and facilitates user-initiated File Uploads and Downloads through Dashboards, Action Functions and Grid Formatted File Exchange Details presented through the browser-based Graphical User Interface.

Email Alerts are sent to the Commercial Customer to:

  • Alert the Customer of Files Available for Download
  • Confirmation of Files Uploaded to the Bank

Solution Options:

OneView Encryption with the AdHoc Decryptor – provides optional file level encryption using a 256-bit AES Encryption Algorithm of the outgoing content. Includes the Ad-Hoc Decryptor which is a simple to use utility to enable decryption of the encrypted content.

Solution Benefits:

The ACCORD® SmartFile Transfer Software Solution delivers significant benefits to any Financial Institution that routinely exchanges data files with Commercial Customers to enable the provision of revenue generating Treasury Services. ACCORD® SmartFile Transfer supports Secure File Exchange of financial data to and from the Commercial Customers on a recurring basis:

  • Enables automated a “lights out” file exchange operation for the Bank.
  • Supports two-way file exchange required to support targeted Treasury Services between the Bank and the Commercial Customer.
  • Has no File Format or File Size limitations.
  • Includes end-to-end transport layer encryption.
  • Additional file-level encryption is available as an option.

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