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Providing best-of-breed technology products and services to financial institutions and Fortune 1000 companies.

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Yojna, Inc. provides best-of-breed technology products and services to financial institutions and Fortune 1000 companies.

Card Campaign Plus

User Friendly, Efficient, Effective, Versatile Supplier Enablement Platform

The growth of virtual card usage is primarily driven by displacing the use of paper checks in the B2B payments space. The greatest opportunity for growth in commercial card will continue to be with virtual cards as companies look to digitize payments and improve working capital effectiveness. Gaining key supplier acceptance of virtual card accounts is critical to continued growth and will require efforts by commercial card issuers to expand supplier enablement capabilities on multiple fronts, from traditional approaches (analysis and targeting of suppliers, conducting supplier outreach campaigns, enrollment, and realization) to new technology and business models.

ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus provides a solution platform for automating workflow processes between financial institutions, commercial card clients and their suppliers to improve capacity, effectiveness and drive incremental commercial card spend and revenue as well as supplier acceptance.

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Rebate Management

Network Agnostic, Processor Agnostic, Plug and Play Capabilities 

Effectively managing the process of fulfilling Card-related Incentive Commitments to Customers is a critically important strategic objective of Financial Institution Card Program Issuers.

Traditionally, the Rebates-related processes employed by Financial Institution Issuers have relied heavily on spreadsheets and other siloed processes which can be error prone and difficult to manage.

The ACCORD® Rebate Management Solution supports a Financial Institution’s efforts to control, manage and monitor the complete Rebate Fulfillment Operation.

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Proforma Management

ACCORD® Proforma Management is a SaaS solution that provides the required workflow to accomplish an approved Proforma ready for implementation through the existing Account Analysis Process at the Bank.

Salient Features

  • The application supports the establishment of a baseline Proforma, from which adjustments can be made to the products, services, features, prices, and volumes enabling “What if” analysis w.r.t. price realization and profitability.
  • Once a proposed Proforma is developed, it is submitted for review and approval, or revision is requested as determined and communicated by Management. 
  • Once the proposed Proforma is approved by the Management, it is sent to the customer/prospect for consideration and approval by the Treasury Account Manager.
  • The application supports imports from and exports to the Bank’s XAA Billing Information Systems.

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File Mapper

The mapping of bank data to the formats required by the customers and vice versa has always been a challenging prospect for banks and customers alike. 

The ACCORD® File Mapper (“File Mapper”) software solution is designed to minimize the challenges associated with the transformation of bank supplied data to formats required by the customers and vice versa.  File Mapper provides field level mapping capabilities with a flexible set of file header, file trailer, totals, file formats, and more options to simplify the Treasury Service onboarding process.  In addition, once the configuration is approved for Production, the File Mapper solution supports the ongoing “lights out” transformation of incoming and outgoing files to the appropriate formats to support the provisioning of targeted Treasury Services.

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Financial Data Delivery

Elegant. Unified. Rock-Solid Reliable.

If you are like most banks, providing customers with transaction data and the associated images involves relying on systems supplied by a collection of vendors. One that processes checks. Another for lockbox items. Other vendors’ systems may handle reports, letters of credit documents, and so on. This creates operational inefficiencies, including the need to support multiple customer profile management systems and incur support and upgrade costs related to the multiple viewers and other components on an ongoing basis.

It also means that the delivery of this information to your customers arrives on electronic media in different formats, using different viewers and different encryption schemes. The use of multiple viewers and multiple encryption management systems detracts from the user experience because customers have to contend with many different methods to access the delivered data with inconsistent user interfaces.

The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite

The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite is a comprehensive collection of solution modules designed to enable financial institutions to manage and optimize their entire content delivery operation. The combined solution enables the delivery of a complete spectrum of balance, transaction data and images to your customers with a common viewer and encryption management system using a comprehensive set of distribution channels to address the unique requirements of each customer seamlessly.  The content to be distributed can be part of an ongoing fulfillment of an image and data delivery treasury service subscription or can be virtually any data and documents (both structured and unstructured) requested or required on an ad-hoc basis by the customer. The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite offers six distinct and highly flexible solution modules that allow your bank to tailor its content delivery operation to match the size, transaction volume, treasury service preferences and ad-hoc requirements of your customers.  The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite supports CD/DVD, File Transmission, Internet “Push”, Viewer “Pull” and Email delivery of a Secure Link to the content.

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ACCORD® FinancialNet effectively integrates both retail and commercial Internet banking applications into one Internet platform. It not only provides a single point of entry for Internet clients, but also comes with a broad spectrum of features which enhance a financial institution’s traditional personal banking and treasury services product portfolio. Perhaps most importantly, Yojna has developed key strategic options which are easily integrated with the standard product, for example, Lockbox Image Inquiry, Lockbox Exceptions, Image Enabled Disbursement Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, e-Statements & Reports, and many more. These options, when combined with ACCORD® FinancialNet’s standard features, create a robust Internet banking platform which can easily differentiate a financial institution in its marketplace, thereby, creating that all important competitive edge.

A Robust Internet Banking Platform

Image Delivery and Access is our stock and trade, so our clients can easily choose to make ACCORD® FinancialNet image enabled. Whether all your items are in one repository or several, of one format or many, we can easily access all of them, wherever they are and make it appear completely seamless to your clients. The available inquiries include paid items, deposited items, and lockbox items – wholesale and retail. Also available is the integrated image option which hyperlinks the key reference number to the image of the item throughout the application. This creates a convenience for the client by eliminating the need to go to a separate inquiry screen and enter search criteria to find the item. The solution supports PDF generation of inquiry results for all or just the selected items. The associated index data can be exported to a CSV formatted file to support further analysis.

An essential standard feature of ACCORD® FinancialNet is its User Profile Management System. A financial institution not only defines clients as valid users of the system, but also the combination of applications and accounts the client can access. Additionally, commercial clients have responsibility for creating and maintaining other company users’ access privileges, thereby, reducing the financial institution’s overhead and risk.

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It’s no secret that to be competitive in today’s difficult business environment, you not only need the right information, but you also need to gather it faster and use it more efficiently than ever before. Green initiatives that eliminate paper and waste are also paramount.

ACCORD® EntityNet is an “all transactions archive” solution that can play a key role in helping you accomplish these objectives. EntityNet creates a powerful digital environment that helps eliminate paper and manual tasks by providing intelligent, analytic access to both financial and non-financial information from the bank and business-specific data from any internal and external sources.

The result is a tool that helps drive productivity, enhanced cash flow and better customer relationships.

Bringing Banking and Business Operations Data Together

ACCORD® EntityNet brings all your company's valuable data together in one, simple, electronic place. Now, data and images from your bank are intelligently related visually to information generated inside your company. Accounting and shipping data. Purchase orders. Contracts. Inventory. Email. Even video and audio files.

EntityNet structures and interconnects unstructured data, putting everything needed just a mouse-click away.

It accelerates, organizes, and prioritizes. It eliminates lost records and ends mindless searches. It allows your company to grow faster and with a whole lot less pain.

By eliminating a significant of amount of paper from processes, EntityNet even catalyzes successful green initiatives that may have been impossible to launch before.

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ACCORD® SmartExchange is designed to work in tandem with the entire Yojna family of content collection and publishing products.

The ACCORD® SmartExchange platform enables secure media-less delivery of financial content through the Internet using "Push" technology to client workstations, virtually eliminating the need for traditional production and shipping of periodic or ad-hoc customer content using electronic media.

ACCORD® SmartExchange supports automatic registration of the received content in the ImageView Standard and EntityNet Viewers for increased content access efficiency, collection of viewer-specific client environment data to support customer service objectives, two-way file exchange to support other treasury services such as ARP, Positive Pay Decisioning and ACH Processing, client-controlled Email Notification Subscriptions to support client auditing of the file exchange activity, and more.

Using ACCORD® SmartExchange, a financial institution can offer lower cost and more frequent deliveries of intra-cycle data to its treasury services customers resulting in increased satisfaction and customer retention.

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ACCORD® SmartMail is the latest addition to the ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite.

Like ACCORD® SmartExchange, ACCORD® SmartMail is designed to work in tandem with the entire Yojna family of content collection and publishing products.

This solution expands the existing set of supported distribution channels using Email to facilitate the targeted delivery of a secure Internet link from which the customer can download the content package queued up for him/her after first entering the client specific key credentials. Whether it be a periodic fulfillment of a treasury service subscription where the client has requested Email notification and access to the financial content or in response to an ad-hoc request or in response to a Subpoena for Records, the structured or unstructured data and files can be made available to your customers quickly and securely through ACCORD® SmartMail.

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SmartFile Transfer

ACCORD® SmartFile Transfer distribution channel provides a simple approach to a secure file exchange between the Bank and its Commercial Customers without the overhead associated with a client install to enable monitoring and user-initiated uploads and/or downloads. The Solution provides visibility to the current and historical transfer activity which is maintained for reference.

The key differentiating factor of this versatile solution is the easy drag and drop user interface which enables the file transfer process.

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ACCORD® Platform

The new ACCORD® Product Platform provides a robust and versatile environment to rapidly prototype, develop and deploy new applications that leverage a common infrastructure that can evolve over time.

The platform infrastructure provides services and features that can be shared by diverse applications and managed centrally or in a distributed fashion.

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