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The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite by Yojna is a comprehensive family of products designed to enable financial institutions to manage their entire data collection and digital content delivery operation. It enables the delivery of a complete spectrum of transaction data and images to your commercial clients with a common viewer and encryption management system.

Yojna’s ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite supports both traditional media delivery as well as several other media-less digital content delivery options that provide the bank with the flexibility to address it client’s needs through a comprehensive set of distribution channels that address the treasury service preferences of your customers.

Image Delivery

The ACCORD® Financial Data Delivery Product Suite interfaces to your internal bank systems through the Multi-Channel Delivery Platform, a solution that enables automated acquisition, packaging and encryption of structured and unstructured customer content.

This typically includes:

  • Paid items
  • Deposited items
  • Returned items
  • Lockbox items
  • Various types of reports and statements
  • Letters of credit documents
  • ACH, Wires, Balances and more

The system is comprised of the Multi-Channel Delivery Platform servers, the Multi-Channel Delivery Monitor software (which provides operational control and monitoring), one or more electronic media creation stations with shipping support or one or more of Yojna’s secure Internet-based distribution options. It also includes an optional Quality Control Workstation that enables access to the content without internal employee exposure to the client specific data key credentials.

Beyond traditional media delivery, Yojna offers several optional and integrated media-less distribution options that rely on the Internet to pass the files between the bank and the commercial client in the most secure and efficient manner possible. These options include Bulk File delivery, delivery using “Push” Technology (Yojna’s ACCORD® SmartExchange Solution), delivery using “Pull” Technology (Yojna’s ACCORD® ConnectToBank Solution) and delivery using a secured link distributed via Email(Yojna’s ACCORD® SmartMail Solution). All of Yojna’s Internet-based distribution options support two factor authentication using a minimum of 256 bit + encryption algorithms.

Image Viewing & Client Hosted Archive Options

The heart of the Yojna Financial Data Delivery System is the ACCORD® ImageView Family of Viewers. This highly versatile and intuitive user interface enables every company transaction to be viewed at a click of a mouse.

It provides the ability to access any type of transaction – be it a report, a statement, a check, an invoice or a letter – using a single consistent user interface.

It also allows the user to generate complex queries to search through available indexes for locating a particular transaction. Once a transaction is located, any available related data or image is only a click away.

Key features of all Yojna viewers:

  • The front and back of checks can be viewed simultaneously on the screen.
  • The images of both sides of the check can be zoomed in and out, and viewed in reverse video to better facilitate the analysis of minute image details.
  • Users can query for individual items or for a range of items.
  • Reports can be viewed with the ability to select a check number or the date or the account number to retrieve and display images of the checks referenced within the report.
  • Where data relationships exist, such as lockbox or deposited items, ImageView can show data or images related to the document currently selected.
  • Images can be copied to the clipboard for use in other applications such as Email.
  • All or a selected set of Images can be exported to an unencrypted collection of JPG files and the corresponding Index can be exported to a CSV formatted file for use in Excel or other third party applications.

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