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Rebate Management Solution

Offer Incentives Strategically to Achieve Objectives

Effectively managing the process of fulfilling Card-related Incentive Commitments to Customers is a critically important strategic objective of Financial Institution Card Program Issuers.

To address the needs of Issuer’s, the ACCORD® Rebate Management Solution supports a Financial Institution’s efforts to:

  1. Incorporate approved / awarded client contract agreement rebate pricing terms, contingencies, tier schedules, and payments.
  2. Integrate client hierarchy-level, billing account-level, transaction-level, and payment days data.
  3. Capture standard interchange transactions from various types of large ticket, discounted, and proprietary interchange to support quoted rebate schedules.
  4. Estimate period-to-date and forecast end-of-period rebate amounts by client.
  5. Calculate potential adjustments for clients not reaching spend thresholds.
  6. Automate rebate calculation and prepare rebate payments for manager review / approval / initiation each period.
  7. Analyze pricing across commercial card clients to identify outliers.
  8. Support quarterly and annual reviews, renewals, and repricing based on comparison of current pricing to target return levels.
  9. Replicate previously input / approved rebate pricing to expedite new prospective client rebate price quotations.
  10. Centralize and Standardize all commercial card rebate policies and procedures.
  11. Facilitate separation of duties, approval workflows, QC, compliance, and auditability.

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