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Supplier Enablement (vCard)

User Friendly, Efficient, Effective, Versatile Supplier Enablement Platform

The growth of virtual card usage is primarily driven by displacing the use of paper checks in the B2B payments space. The greatest opportunity for growth in commercial card will continue to be with virtual cards as companies look to digitize payments and improve working capital effectiveness. Gaining key supplier acceptance of virtual card accounts is critical to continued growth and will require efforts by commercial card issuers to expand supplier enablement capabilities on multiple fronts, from traditional approaches (analysis and targeting of suppliers, conducting supplier outreach campaigns, enrollment, and realization) to new technology and business models.

The ACCORD® Card Campaign Plus provides a solution platform for automating workflow processes between financial institutions, commercial card clients and their suppliers to improve capacity, effectiveness and drive incremental commercial card spend and revenue as well as supplier acceptance.

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Rebate Management

Network Agnostic, Processor Agnostic, Plug and Play Capabilities

Effectively managing the process of fulfilling Card-related Incentive Commitments to Customers is a critically important strategic objective of Financial Institution Card Program Issuers.

Traditionally, the Rebates-related processes employed by Financial Institution Issuers have relied heavily on spreadsheets and other siloed processes which can be error prone and difficult to manage.

To address the needs of this marketplace, Yojna is pleased to announce the availability of the ACCORD® Rebate Management Solution.

The ACCORD® Rebate Management Solution supports a Financial Institution’s efforts to control, manage and monitor the complete Rebate Fulfillment Operation.

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With Yojna's ACCORD® EntityNet solution, management of the Accounts Payable process is greatly enhanced. Included with this solution is an elaborate invoice approval workflow, the ability to relate documents for viewing, reconciliation of bank data against issue data, and an interface to the accounting system.

Management of the Accounts Receivable process is also greatly enhanced. Included with this solution is auto-matching of lockbox and other deposits, reconciliation of amount mismatches, and an interface to the accounting system.

Lastly, Account Reconciliation is streamlined by automatically matching incoming payments against an Issue File or an Accounts Receivable File. Exceptions are programmatically identified. Through EntityNet's User Interface, the user can correct data entry errors and match hanging payments.

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Cash Management

Yojna's ACCORD® FinancialNet solution provides financial institutions with a smart, powerful, and flexible online banking solution. FinancialNet’s Cash Management module includes a comprehensive array of financial services designed to provide retail and commercial clients with the tools necessary to manage their accounts online.

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Image Delivery

Yojna offers multiple solutions for Image Delivery, including packaging and encryption of the digital content, CD/DVD creation, support for Bulk Files, support for Email Delivery, support for delivery through the Internet using either “Push” or “Pull” technologies and delivery via a browser-based interface. Once the data is delivered to the end user, Yojna has several robust Viewing and Archive solutions designed to help manage the data.

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